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Welcome to ABi

I went through the same thing when I first starting Rockbox a few years ago. I thought I had broken my precious Sansa e250 permanently. Fortunately the fix should be simple.

In Windows Explorer open the drive letter that represents the Fuze. Find and delete the config.cfg in the .rockbox folder. You probably will need to enable hidden files in your Folder Options to see the .rockbox folder. When you reboot all your settings will be at the defaults.


If you have some other settings you really like in that config.cfg you really like you can edit that file with a text editor. Find the line that has the backlight settings and change the condition to "On". Reboot and you're all set. All of your .cfg file options are in the manual. I keep a copy on my PC and update that when I change builds to keep it current.

To boot to official firmware (OF) hold the |<< symbol on the scroll wheel as you power on. That will take you to the Sansa screen but you really can't do anything to reset Rockbox from there. As far as the OF is concerned Rockbox doesn't exist on your player.
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