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Originally Posted by zeth006 View Post
A poor attempt at a straw man, but I'm not belaboring a point that you are claiming that I am. All I did was post a question to which I pretty much got a flat out no. My posting here was done purely out of a last resort after some time spent looking around.

Don't even try to paint this as your own grievance. I'm not out to get you, as much as you'd like to think. And no, you made a bad assumption right there--which tells me a lot more about your thinking processes. I did my own due diligence before coming here, hence the lack of any substantive answers that shed any new light on the S755's situation. Go read the previous posts before jumping to your own faulty conclusions. Or better yet, work on learning basic logic reasoning skills because you are sore lacking in them.

Here's something to help you out.

I'd love to stay and chat, but your patronizing just derailed the thread. End of discussion.
Your got your no a few posts ago, yet felt the need to bleat about it (repeatly) like a child would when you don't give them what they want with someone who doesn't care what you do. Then you complain about being patronized! I treat adults as adults and children as such. Now get off your computer and go to your room!
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