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I don't think the Sansa tags "played podcasts", since no one seems to be able to auto remove them with any software.
It works for me reliably now, to autoremove played episodes. The trick is in the quote from rockbox faq, in my previous message. gpodder can analyse the lastfm log file rockbox is producing.

The hook script mentioned above also works very well to fix id3 tags of podcasts during download.

Except some odd episodes from time to time, rockbox+gpodder works very reliably now in marking old episodes and removing them automatically from the fuze.

I shoul also add, it's quite easy to change the display of the database, to use rockbox's internal play count to mark episodes in the player as played.

Here are the relevant lines to do this in tagnavi_custom.config:
# Basic format declarations
%format "fmt_podcast"       "%02d %02d:%02d %s" entryage Lm Ls title %strip = "2"
%format "fmt_podcast2"       "%02d %02d:%02d %s" entryage Lm Ls title %sort = "inverse" 

# Define the title of the main menu
%menu_start "custom" "Podcasts"
"Podcast (new)" -> album ? filename ~ "/PODCAST" & playcount == "0"-> title = "fmt_podcast" ? filename ~ "/PODCAST" & playcount == "0"
"Podcast (old)" -> title = "fmt_podcast" ? filename ~ "/PODCAST" & playcount != "0"
"Podcast (short)" -> title = "fmt_podcast2" ? filename ~ "/PODCAST" & playcount == "0" & Lm <= "12"
to prevent podcasts from obscuring the music library, just ad another conditional for all music entry:
"Artist"   -> artist ? filename ~ "/MUSIC"  -> album  -> title = "fmt_title" ? filename ~ "/MUSIC"

In this case i've used the folder structure, having music in MUSIC and podcasts in PODCASTS, that's not necessary, you can as well use the id3 tag. (best fix it first with the gpodder hook script.)
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