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Default Pairing with cell phone?

I'm considering getting a Galaxy Player 4.0, but have 1 problem

Will the Galaxy Player be capable of pairing with a cellphone like the P3 did, to answer and dial? This was IMO one of the better features of the P3, but seems to be left out on these new players. I don't see any android apps capable of this.

Also, will the Galaxy Player eventually be upgradeable to Honeycomb 3.0?
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I was asking the same question because my P2 had this feature and it is nice. Was also looking for an application but no luck. And because it's both android it should be very easy. If no one is able to find it or do it I will be forced to program it myself, haha
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Android is the sticky part here. The P2 and P3 were pretty advanced in their use of bluetooth for things like cell pairing. Android, on the other hand, isn't Samsung's OS. They have to add in whatever it was they had in their P2/P3 to bring that feature to it, and I haven't seen it in their specs. Nor has it appeared in any other android PMP's specs.
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Yeah, I was also looking into coding an application to do this, but the problem is the Android bluetooth API doesn't support the device taking on the headset role. Honeycomb supposedly has a new Bluetooth API, but I can't find any concrete information of Honeycomb supports the device being in the headset role, or if the Galaxy player will even support Android versions greater than 2.3.

The lack of VibeWoofer also put me off the Galaxy Player for now.
For now I think I'll stick with my P3.
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