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Originally Posted by gramps416 View Post
I listen to podcasts very often with over 15 different subscriptions, and dose off while listening to them. Every time I play a podcast in the podcast directory, the player plays all of the podcasts for that subscription. ie. if i downloaded 60 minutes and have 3 episodes downloaded, it will play all of them.

I would like to know if it is possible to single play a podcast when i listen to it, and stop after it plays a single podcast?
No, a pause-after-current-track function does not exist yet. It has been proposed before, but no one has implemented it yet. Have a look at the corresponding discussion in the Rockbox forums.

For your particular use case, I can see two workarounds: either set up a sleep timer (it's under System -> Time & Date), or create or edit the playlist such that the current podcast is the last or the only entry.

Originally Posted by gramps416 View Post
Is there a way to see if you have played a particular podcast in the past? (itunes had a blue circle to indicate unplayed podcasts)
Yes, there is, but it currently (Rockbox 3.8.1) requires enabling both Automatic Resume and Gather Runtime Data, as well as editing /.rockbox/tagnavi_custom.config. Here's an example custom menu with a menu entry for browsing unplayed, resumable, and completed podcasts. The menu will appear under Database -> Custom:

%format "fmt_podcast" "%s - %s (%s)" title artist filename

%menu_start "custom" "Podcasts"
"All podcasts"       -> album ? filename ^ "/PODCASTS" -> title = "fmt_podcast"
"Resumable Podcasts" -> album ? filename ^ "/PODCASTS" & lastoffset > "0" -> title = "fmt_podcast"
"Unplayed Podcasts"  -> album ? filename ^ "/PODCASTS" & playcount == "0" -> title = "fmt_podcast"
"Completed Podcasts" -> album ? filename ^ "/PODCASTS" & playcount > "0" & lastoffset == "0" -> title = "fmt_podcast"
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