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Default Sansa fuze screen problem

Yesterday I started to have problems with my sansa fuze v2. I was using rock box and the battery was at 9 percent charge and I needed to use the flashlight app. Thinking I could use it for a few seconds I turned it on and after about 5 seconds it screen went dark but the wheel light stayed on, so naturally I thought “ok the battery is dead so I should plug it in” so that's what I did, I left it plugged in overnight to fully recharge. So now here is my problem, when I turned it back on this morning it screen flicked a bit and was not a full brightness. When one turns it on the Rock Box splash screen is at full brightness but it then dims out. Thinking that it was just rock box being wonky I booted it into the sansa firmware. The little sansa logo when it turns on it at full brightness but anything after that it very dim and there is also the occasional flicker too. But unlike in rock box, when the wheel light times out in the sansa firmware the screen immediately returns to full brightness but then I turn the wheel the screen dims back down again. and also the lower back area of the fuze warmer than normal

So my question is what can I do? Should I let the battery drain all the way down like as if it was bricked? Maybe that would work. It seems likely though that something is wonky with something else so maybe formatting it and reinstalling everything might help. I really hope that it is not the LCD itself, because this is the only mp3 player that I have. Any help will be greatly appreciated
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