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Originally Posted by Clipman View Post
I'd like to try this, as I could use some more volume for my E354 which I got yesterday- but the above method of accessing the service menu doesn't work on the E354- does anyone know the code for the E354? (Sony won't give it to me!)
Nevermind! I found a website that reveals the way to access the service menu on the A, E and S series! And it works!

I tried what the post whom I quoted above said to do...and it worked! I did notice some increase in volume!

Here's the procedure for accessing the service menu:

Instructions .

1. Go to the main menu of the player
2. turn Hold ON
3. now press these keys in order

right --> left --> volume UP --> volume DOWN --> right --> left --> option --> back --> option --> back

The player should restart and go into the service menu, turn Hold OFF and then find the Audio settings menu.

To exit the Test mode, go the main selection screen then press
up --> down and select EXITTEST then press right and select SURE, finally press the play/pause button, turn the power off and release the test mode

From this website:

WARNING: Certain actions when performed in the service menus can brick your player- so use at your own risk and don't mess with anything if you don't know what you're doing or have specific instructions from a trusted source!

PS: Thank you, Simon. But for you, I wouldn't have known about this!

PPS: DON'T do the maxout test with the headphones in your ear!!!

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