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G4Oblivion, after you edit your initial post in this thread to change the build I would add another post to the thread. Something as simple as "first post updated" and whatever changes that have been made is all that's needed. Just a short "added xxxxx" "removed yyyyy".

When you do that vs. simply editing the first post it creates a new post notification that would help people know that you've made changes. If you just edit the original post there no notification that it's been edited. The way you are doing it now it seems as if the build posted now (06/11/2011) is the only one that you've posted.

Also just posting "FS#13132 (0006 & 0007)" gives no hint as to what behavior you expect to be added or changed by a particular patch. For all anyone knows that's the "trigger spontaneous combustion" patch.

This is from the point of view of someone that's tested quite a few custom builds. I'm always on the lookout for a little something extra. I come over and check things right away when I see someone has updated their build. Without that "new posts" notice no one's likely to continue to check to see what's been done.
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