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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
Thanks for understanding. I've got dfkt's build installed right now. When I get the chance I'll install yours and let you know if I see any performance or functionality changes. I don't have any untagged files AFAIK. But it won't hurt to see if that patch changes anything.
If I remember correctly, I' missing FS#10849 and channel swap from dfkt's, possibly more.

FS#10849 was the second patch I tried to apply. I could not get it to apply cleanly, though
I don't think anyone created a Flyspray for channel swap and I do not know how to go about doing it myself. I don't think this is a feature people would use more than once or twice.

I use Ubuntu 10.10 (GCC 4.4.5) for compatibility and stability. I believe dfkt uses 10.04 (GCC 4.4.3), so there shouldn't be a performance, compatibility or stability difference caused by the way it was built. Only performance changes should be caused by the patches and revision used.

I backup my source folder before I try to apply a patch and if it fails, I try it till it succeeds. I then delete the source folder and restore the backup and apply the patch cleanly. I always do a complete re-compile (re-run ../tools/configure) for each release.
The chance of any problems caused by not doing these are small, but I would like to avoid future issues.

(I'm in no way trying to say my build is better than dfkt's or anyone elses. Both builds are different and I trust his builds. I just wanted to explain what I do before a release so people know I make sure there are no problems caused by the way I build it.)

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