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My Fuze was washed in a laundry washer. It was rescued right before dryer. It worked but battery life got shortened drastically.

1) I got the least expensive Fuze battery from ebay. It was slightly larger than OEM. End result is I cannot close Fuze completely. If I force-close it, the navigation wheel gets stuck in Fast Reward position. My Fuze now is about 1/32" lifted in the middle. Still works though.

2) The navigation wheel has a ribbon cable permanently attached to it. The other end of the ribbon is inserted into an on-board connector. I wasn't aware of it. The cable got pulled out. Putting it back required a long nose plier without aggressive serration. It was difficult. If I would do it again, I would swing open the top 90 degrees and duct-tape the bottom. Enough space for soldering.

3) Soldering was no trouble. You don't need a miniature soldering iron. Regular sized one that Walmart sells (30W?) was okay. I used a resin-core tin.

4) Once you open it, chances are the moisture barrier will be compromised. The barrier is a thin rubber cord with adhesive and it gets stretched, kinked, etc.
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