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Default Dropped in Water???

I dropped my zen in the water, for like... 1 second. I quickly picked it up, wiped it, and put it in the sun. Should I leave it in the sun or put it in rice? I don't know which is better.. and will the speaker be messed up? I'm worried. I don't want to replace it. I havent tried to turn it on yet since I don't want to mess it up.

I don't want to put it in rice because I don't have a screen protector and I don't want the screen to be scratched...
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Not turning it on until it's absolutely dry seems to be the common thing I see in a piece of electronics surviving a dunking. There's no telling for sure but since you avoided that you probably increased the chance your player will survive.

I've read of a number of ways of drying a wet player. Rice is one, putting it in a sunny, dry spot with good air circulation is another. I actually save those little bags of desiccant, you know the ones that say"Do Not Eat", that come in most electronics for just an emergency like that. It seems like patience and a long, slow drying process is key.

Pick the drying method you're most comfortable with and wait it out. I don't think the screen would be scratched if you lay it on a bed of rice in a bowl and gently pour the rest of the rice on top. But it's not my player. Definitely pick the one you feel best about and wait it out. There's just no telling how long that should be. Myself I'd wait a weeks or so before i tried it. No reason for that really, it may be ready long before that. It's just what I'd do. I'm really cautious about most things.

Best of luck whatever method you decide to use. Let us know how this works out.
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The player buried in a Ziploc bag of plain rice for 24 hrs should be long enough. Just make sure you shake out as much water as possible first. I have used this method on a few phones & all worked afterwards.
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if you are worried about a scratched screen, stick a sheet of paper over the screen and put it in rice.
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It's been two days since I dropped it. Well, I decided to put it in the rice, 'cause I would rather have a scratched player that still works rather than a player with no scratches but is completely useless. But the rice didn't scratch the player at all. Well, I dried it in the sun for about an hour, then I decided to put it in the rice for about 5 hours. Then I took it out, and put it away for an entire day. I turned it on this morning and it's as if I never dropped it. The speaker works fine, and nothing wrong with the screen. I was relieved. Thanks for the help, guys.
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Good to read this wasn’t the typical swim thread where most turn it on right away then post, congrats on the save.

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