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Letting a battery go completely dead is very bad for it. That's true of any battery including your car battery. Letting it happen 3 times is 3 times as bad for it.

This is especially true if you leave it depleted. The player stops before the battery is totally dead to protect it. But if you leave it that way it self-discharges, as do all rechargeable batteries, and dies completely. This is what ruins batteries. I don't know if you let it stay depleted but if you did you should expect to ruin the battery.

You say that shouldn't happen but you're dealing with physical laws and right and wrong doesn't really influence physics all that much.

Get the battery replaced and take better care of the new one and you'll get better service from it.

For what it's worth I own a fairly large number of battery powered devices and I often don't use some of them for extended periods. I always make sure they have a full charge if I'm not going to be using them for a while and then I make sure it gets charged at least every month. As a result batteries tend to last me for years.

I have a friend who also has rechargeable devices and is less careful about how she cares for them. She typically gets a year or two from batteries in the same devices that last me for years. She's aware of the problem and says she'd rather replace them than worry about it.

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