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Default ZVM Won't Dock/Sync

I got a second hand zen last week and used it for a few days with no issues. However, it froze over the weekend whilst watching a video and I had to reset. Doing that wiped 1/2 my songs, all my videos and playlists.

Since then, whenever it's plugged into the computer it is not recognised. I get a pop up saying that the device drivers were not successfully installed. When I go through Control Panel -> Hardware -> Device Manager and try to update the drivers it can't find them. The zen is listed as an MTP with a yellow exclamation point next to it.
When I went to update the drivers from the device it said alternately that I had the ones it needed and then that it had a Code 10 problem.
I've tried a Disk Cleanup, but I'm wary of trying anything else from Recovery Mode in case it messes things up further.

I've downloaded the MP3 recovery software but of course can't run it until the computer recognises that it's plugged in.

It's also rebuilding itself every time i turn it on, which is a touch worrying as well.

I'm running Vista.
EDIT: When I tried it on my XP laptop it did pretty much the same thing, kept trying to load itself (got that bleeping noise every few minutes) and failing

EDIT2: Another Zen Vision: M runs perfectly on this computer.

When offering advice, please assume that I am utterly computer illiterate and fully explain what I have to do. The assumption is pretty much correct.

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Moved house, thinking of being rid ofthe thing seeing as I never got it to work. Any ideas at all before I have it recycled or sold?
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Sounds like the hardrive is dying. That is easy to replace. But in the meantime since it is not playing Go ahead & boot the player into recovery/rescue mode & choose Format(will erase all the music & video) Cleanup>Reboot.
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