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Default NWZ S545 16gb problems with Setup.exe

Hi, guys. I just purchased this player, and am very excited about it...never had an MP3 player before, so am a little late to the dance. Following the very simple Installation instructions that came with the unit, I attached the USB from the player to my computer, and Windows 7 recognized it right away. So far so good. But when I double-clicked on Setup.exe, the install wizard started to work ok, but after a few seconds I got a message saying the install wizard was "interrupted" and I should try again. What am I doing wrong, please? Thank you. bcw.
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Welcome to ABi.

That setup.exe is for the Content Transfer media transfer software program Sony provides AFAIK. If you're seeing a "Connected USB(MTP)" screen when you connect the drivers for the player itself are installed. You can then use any media transfer program you care to manage the player. You can also just drag and drop songs on in Windows Explorer. No further setup should be needed to start using the player itself.

The one person I knew who really wanted to try out Content Transfer wound up dragging it to her desktop and installing it from there. We were on the phone and it was all I could think of to help. She uninstalled it later to use WMP on Win7 but said it worked well when she tried it.
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Thanks, Skip...It is very good of you to reply. I think you are saying that I don't need to follow steps 3, 4, and 5 on the quick installation guide that came with my walkman? So I will just hook up my walkman to the USB port on my computer, rip some tunes from CDs and transfer to the walkman via Windows Media that all there is to it? Will try this evening and let you know in case it helps someone else. Thanks again for now. bcw.
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The problem had nothing to do with my Walkman, rather it was with Windows Media Player 12 (Windoows 7). The advice that I received at this forum is exactly correct: I did not need to download the Content Transfer and the Setup.exe as per the Walkman printed instructions. Those downloads are apparently only to do with itunes, which I do not wish to use. After many hours I gave up on Windows Media Player and installed the free version of Realplayer. Now, thanks to, I have no problem ripping CD's, creating a library, and transfering my music files to the Walkman. Everything is working perfectly, and as a new MP3 user, I am very excited! I hope this posting is helpful to someone out there.
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^ Heya bcwilliams...good stuff. Glad to hear you got it sorted out and indeed perhaps your experience may help others.

This is a primary point of ABi and one reason why the site is so great

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