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Default Player won't turn on after downloading firmware.

Hi all,
I just bought a 64GB X-Fi 2. I installed one of the firmware upgrades that was available and it asked to format the player. I did this after backing up my files. Now when I turn the thing on it shows the "creative" logo, followed by the "ZEN" logo, then nothing!
When I plug it into my PC the player states that it is docked but it does not appear in windows explorer.
When I plug into the mains, it tries to turn on without me having pressed the power button but does this repeatedly ("creative" -> "ZEN" -> Blank on a permanent loop). I have tried to access the recovery mode by pressing the Home button but this does not appear. I have also had it charging for several hours but this does not help (could this be because it is not charging due to continuously trying to power up when plugged in?).
Any help you boys n' girls could offer would be much appreciated.
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It sounds to me like formatting the internal memory has gone wrong, and you are left with a player that cannot "boot".

Do you have an earlier version of the firmware that you can try to downgrade to? (Habhome has some links to older firmware in a sticky thread on these forums.)
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Hi thanks for the response. The firmware I downloaded was my first attempt at installing firmware, so if I were to downgrade it would be to the initial software that it was shipped with. I will have a look at the thread you recommended and see if the 'factory' software is available from there.
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