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2.2.3. Bootloader installation from Windows
1. Create a folder called “rbinstall” on your desktop, and then extract the OF, the
bootloader and mkamsboot into it.
2. Open a new command prompt, and navigate to the “rbinstall” folder.
3. Run mkamsboot.exe, passing the name of the OF and bootloader files that you
downloaded, in addition to a name for the output file.
mkamsboot.exe fuzpa.bin bootloader-fuzev2.sansa patched.bin
If mkamsboot.exe does not report success, then retry or abort.
4. Copy the output file (“patched.bin” in the example given above) to the root of
the device and rename it to the same name as the OF file you downloaded earlier
(“fuzpa.bin” above).
5. Safely eject the device, unplug USB and wait for the firmware update to finish

no idea how to navigate through command prompt. thats really where i need help.
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