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Default Beta Testing for new WP7 App "Skirmish" for DaveMac-MS!


The BETA test for a new WP7 App (game crossover?) SKIRMISH is now open to anyone that has a ***updated*** WP7 phone!

The App is a 4-square type check-in with a twist! It uses nearby location data, and allows you to "claim" close-by points of interest, even if you ar enot right at that point, and build up more claimed locations for your team like a big game of Risk! There will also be more to follow (Merchant deal capability, location maps, leaderboards up now etc).

You can leave feedback over at the forums just launched - HERE (picture below)


Also - support the APP if you have a WP7 phone - as the Dev behind the project is a fan and supporter of ABI


(oh - and my Blog post in Australia on the Beta is HERE)

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I have a developer account, so I'm happy to help Dave test his new app.
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Default Need beta testers for my new WP7 app, "Skirmish"

Hey folks:

Interested in helping a fella out? Awesome!

I have a new WP7 app that I'm preparing for release, and I'd like to get as many beta testers looking at it as possible. The app is called "Skirmish" and is a cross between Foursquare and the old board game "Risk" - basically you get 25 checkins per day to spend anywhere/anyhow you like, and when you check in at a location your team has a chance to "take it over".

Depending on how far from the location you are, a check-in's value might cause your team to overtopple the existing owner of the venue.

Anyhow, I think it's a bit of fun and early feedback has been very positive. It is a complex app however, so I'm looking to get as many eyes on it as possible before releasing it widely.

Interested in helping out? Drop me a note at and we'll take it from there. All you need is any WP7 phone. Our launch regions will be the US, EU and Australia.

Cheers, Dave.
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