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the game only works on the actual player unless you change the code:
ball_xspeed = ball_xspeed - (power*4)
on line 282 to: *****the line # moved when i updated the app******
ball_xspeed = ball_xspeed - (power*4)-10
the pinball game goes very fast on the adk.
For me the app doesn't work on the ADK either unless I change that line.
I think you should update the zip-file. It would be sad if you lose users because of this. Users shouldn't have to check the last post in thread and when edit the code to get it working.

the line to change is now at 244:
ball_xspeed = ball_xspeed - (power*6.5)
If I change that to 244:
ball_xspeed = ball_xspeed - (power*6.5)-15

It works for me on the player and the ADK. I run the ADK on a slow computer/environment and maybe people with a faster set-up should have some other parameters in the ADK.

I think a quick way to see if the app is running in the ADK is to check the path:

if string.match(package.path, "ADK") == nil then

And of cause: it's a good app.
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fun pinball

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