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Default Resistive Touchscreen

Hi guys,

I'm looking to purchase a new MP3 player and, out of goodwill for Creative, I'd like it to be the ZEN X-Fi2. I am, however, troubled by the resistive touchscreen which I find to be difficult to use. I understand that it's a hardware issue, but has the community found a way to make the touchscreen more sensitive and responsive? Have there been any development since release that might nullify my concerns?

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That's a good review I found on it that shows exactly how the device is. The screen is actually very responsive to have resistive touch.

Creative does have a board so hopefully you can find updates and everything for it there.

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The touch screen can be hard to use at first but it gets easier as time goes on, my only major problem with it is that it can be a bit sensitive at times, for example, sometimes I can't raise the volume without blowing up my eardrums. lol other than that I don't see much of a problem with it.
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I've not had too much problem with the screen either, and more recent firmware seems to have made the volume control a little easier to use for instance.

There is a built-in feature to re-calibrate the screen which can help sometimes if you get problems with getting the right menu items and so on.

The "swipe" I find has to be done as: press, hold a moment, then swipe.

Also, in general, I find it easiest to use a fingernail or the back end of a pen rather than the end of my finger. (Maybe I've just got fat digits...)
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