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Default Clip+ Rockbox 3.9 with USB patch

Just compiled Rockbox 3.9 with amaury pouly's USB-PIO patch.

Download at

I don't own a Clip+, just compiled the release as requested by Pennhaven, so this has not been tested, but there's no reason for it not to work.
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It doesn't work for me. It shows the usb thing on the clip display but my computer (Win7 x64) won't recognize it.
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doesn't work with win7 32bit...
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Originally Posted by paacoo View Post
doesn't work with win7 32bit...
Not surprising. It works for some and not for others. That's going to vary from machine to machine and depending on which OS is used.

It *kind of* works on my Linux setup and totally craps out on my Win7 and Vista setup. I got tired of dealing with the file corruption this caused so I've stopped trying it out until there's another implementation.

If you're interested in trying a different patched version there's one being offered here. As always there's no telling if it'll work in your case. All you can do it try it out.
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