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Default Best way of loading music on a Fuze?

I'm having trouble filling up my 8 Gig Fuze with 8 gig SD Card. The problem is that it has a habit of freezing and resetting or even going straight into the "Refreshing your media", while I'm trying to copy stuff over.

It's a bit of a nightmare. I have a lot to move on and doing it one by one seems efficient.

I wanted to avoid MTP mode so I'm using MSC mode which I'm guessing is going to be more difficult. Is there an easier way to load it on? Some program or something?
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How is your music organized on your computer?

For example mine goes like this: Music>Artist>Album>Song

So, I have all of the songs in their albums in folders, those albums in their respective artist's folders, and all of that in my music. Because I don't need to organize by year or genre. So, if you have a structure set up like this on your computer, just select your music folder and copy and paste it into the Fuze.

HOWEVER, since you're using a microSD card as well, you'll probably have to split up your collection into two parts that are roughly 8 GBs apiece. Then copy and paste one into the internal memory and the other part into the microSD card.
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Do you get the copy errors when you copy to the internal memory or to the micro-sd card?
What firmware version are you using? Or do you use Rockbox?

It might also help to avoid copying in larger chunks.
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Sounds like you might have a bad cable. Do you have another cable you could try?
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It could be a problem with the SD card . Have you tried loading songs on it with a card reader?
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