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Default My E250 story

To the mods: I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong thread, it's been a while since I've been on these forums, and just looked around and guessed where to put it, so once again, I'm sorry if i posted this in the wrong thread.

Like three years ago, around the time the cp chan custom rockbox build stopped and the black thunder build started, (long time ago, haha) i had an e250 v1. well i was an idiot and took the whole motherboard thing out, and lost a screw when putting it back together. turns out the screw was when the screen part goes, and it cracked the lcd(wait it's an lcd right? i don't remember), anyway, it's been sitting around, but i took it apart so i only have the motherboard and the memory board part. The only reason I can havent thrown it in the trash is because of the sentimental value of the player to me. I've been debating on trying to find a "bricked/dead" E200 v1 model, to see if i could swap out the main board with an lcd. I just found this site again today(long story), and i have a question for the E200 community(at least for those of you still around). Do any of you think it would be worth it to find a "bricked/dead" E200 v1 and swap out the memory boards? Also, can switching the memory board "fix" a bricked E200?
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It would be worth it to me. I loved that player (even more once I Rockboxed it ) My e260's headphone jack broke a long while back. I don't have the know-how to fix it. At least I didn't. But now I've moved on. It's been sitting in my house someplace (I think I know where it is lol) since then collecting dust. All the parts are there, it's just that the soldering on the headphone jack is gone. If you want it for parts, PM me.
- Justin
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Welcome back. Don't worry you put this in the right spot.

I have a Rockboxed E250 that's a few years old and enjoy it quite a bit. I put a new battery in it last year and look forward to getting whatever that gets me. The scroll wheel is not in the best shape so that might be a problem but I'm aware of it and handle it carefully.

Would I invest another penny in fixing it up if something went wrong? Nope. As nice as it is and as much as I've enjoyed it the limitations of the original PortalPlayer hardware would remain. It simply can never sound as good as one of the original Sansa Fuzes or any of the Clips. Not terrible, but not a quality I'd pay more to keep. I have a couple of other dead ones around that I may use as parts donors if something goes bad but I won't spend any more on it.

If you want to work on it for the DIY experience or to bring back a sentimental favorite I'd do that. Other than that I'd pick up a refurb Clip+ or one of the original Fuzes, Rockbox it and recycle the broken E250.
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