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Sorry to hear greeny. Welcome!
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Default Blank screen

hey was wondering can anyone help, my screen is just blank, dares power goin in but it seems like it wont turn on for some weird reason. Is there a eboot option on the software disk?? kinda like a default reset?
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You can reset it by sticking a paper clip into the hole on the side and gently pushing on it.
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I've had a Zen V Plus 4gb for a few years now; in/around April of this year, the screen slowly darkened and then went black. it's been black ever since, but I can still use it.

is there absolutely anything I can do to get this fixed??
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As far as i can see my screen is not cracked! (yeah i opened it up and looked at the back of it. I can even get the screen to flash a screen at certain moments when I plug in the mp3 or i push hard on the buttons

Allthough I may have broken the screen trying to take the mp3 apart.... It didnt seem so though, so I plugged the screen back, and It was not the connection the the mp3 that was faulty

What could it be! please help
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