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Default MP3 audiobooks & Bookmarks?

Thank you for a good review. I like to listen to audiobooks which have been converted to MP3 (for compact space). Frequently a book can last 10 - 15 hours and it is very helpful to be able to bookmark the place that was stopped at "today" so that it can be picked back up at the same place "tomorrow". Do you know if this device supports such a feature?

Thank you
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The Fuze+ has a Freescale (nee SigmaTel) chip: the STMP 3780. The Fuze, Clip+, and Clip all used chips from austriamicrosystems (their orthography).
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@richa60: i guess the fuze+ has this option what you are looking for. it does have it also for music. when you don't finish listening to a song (and select another) and then go back to it another time then i will ask you if you want to return playback at the time where you quit listening it.
thanks chengdude for the info!
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No bookmarking. The bad thing about the device is that often you push the left-right button inadvertently, and it will jump ahead or back a couple of hour's material. To get it back to the (normally unknown position) is a real hassle. For this reason, I am very careful to touch the device only by 3 fingers, without touching the front panel. For audiobooks, it is not of much use for me.
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Originally Posted by kredig View Post
so here is my review. ... I know that the Fuze+ is out there for a longer time now but the ABI website does not have a review at all of this player. ... this review is about the newest firmware (02.37.01).
Would you add more information (or does anyone else know) about the FM radio functions? Specifically, FM reception strength & clarity, stereo reception (and on-screen indicator?), and ability to record & playback in the original stereo sound.

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I just got one of these as a shuffle player - and I'm LOVING the SQ. I despise the track navigation, but since I just select a song and play, it's do-able. Also, when I activate the EQ there's no lowering of the volume - like on my clip+ & fuze. Sweet!!! I can deal w/this - it's my bedtime player, so I can really enjoy it.
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