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Lightbulb Try this solution

Had this same issue with my Zen Vision M. The player would charge via USB cable or charger, however it would not connect to my PC (laptop or desktop), and would not be recognized or sync.

After searching different forums, I found no solution that seemed to solve my issue. I tried different cables, and I had the latest firmware installed.

After reading Sin's post, and still finding no hope, on a whim I looked into the player's connector slot. I noticed something odd, and confirmed it with my other Vision M.

Apparently the second pin of the connector had been bent up and pushed flat against the back of the connection port.

Using a narrow pick tool, I was able to hook it and bend it back forward into its slot.

I reconnected the cable, and VOILA! The player was recognized and synced.

My guess is that repeated less than perfectly aligned insertion of the cable had caught the pin, lifted, and bent it back.

So while this may not solve everyone's problem, it's worth adding to your troubleshooting steps. When you look into the connection slot, you should not see any gold pins sticking up from the connector. Above the connector, at the rear of the slot, you should only see black.

Hope this helps!
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