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So the .REFS file does NOT need to have its timestamp match the .PLA file. I've edited the .REFS once yesterday (in a non-Notepad editor that permits use of LF only [versus LF/CR]), copied it to the Fuze and it played fine. I am doing the same today.
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One rather curious, and for me rather annoying, problem I've noticed with m3u playlists on the Sansa Fuze is that it ignores anything in the PODCASTS directory either in the internal memory or SD card, or at least it does with Firmware vesion 01.02.31. Maybe I am just unusual in wanting to include podcasts in playlists.
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Wink Sansa Fuze Plus - PLAYALL Playlist

Sansa Fuze Plus... Playlist. PLAYALL (in order)

I can create a Playlist to PLAYALL in the order I choose by doing the following:

Attach Fuze to PC in MSC (USB mode)
Drag & Drop folders/songs into the Music folder in the order I wish

Detach Fuze &
REATTACH to PC in MTP mode (USB mode)

In Windows Explore, select the Music Folder
Right-click & select "Create PlayList"

When you start-up the Fuze Plus, NewPlayList will be listed & you can then PLAY ALL!!!
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Please don't bump open old threads. The last person that posted in this 3 year old thread has not been here since the date of the last post back in March. It's doubtful they are still looking for an answer.

This thread is about the Fuze not the Fuze+. Making playlists can be very different depending on the model not just a name similarity. Do you know if this method will work on that player?
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