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Originally Posted by Celestial Being View Post
Yada yada, I don't know what I'm talking about but I'm trolling your posts anyway...
Maybe you didn't read what I posted before or didn't understand that I wasn't spouting theories like you did. Read the whole thread from the beginning then you'll realize that I already stated that I got a 64GB SDXC card working with the Fuze and Clip+ and could access all the files (about 5260) with the OF and Rockbox.

Attached are some screenshots showing the Rockbox and OF info screen and two of the files playing that are way beyond the 32GB mark on the SDXC card. I can access and play any file that I randomly choose so the only problem with using the OF could be that you hit the dreaded 8000 file limit Marvin was talking about.

But who would want to use the OF as long as/if Rockbox is available.

Since I don't have a Clip Zip I can't confirm that it would also work but don't see why it wouldn't given the success with the Fuze and Clip+.
Once Rockbox for the Zip is available it certainly will work.

Just a little reminder in case you missed it before.

SD (SD 1.0) and SDHC (SD 2.0) cards are incompatible for hardware reasons/differences.

SDHC (SD 2.0) and current SDXC cards (SD 3.0) are compatible from a hardware standpoint, the FW accessing the card determines if it will accept a card bigger than 32GB. Like I stated before (jeez...) this is merely a randomly set number, technically you could have SDHC cards up to 2TB and they would work if the FW of your player would accomodate that.

Only SDXC cards conforming to SD 4.0 will be incompatible with current SDHC slots but so far all the SDXC cards released and the announced Kingmax and Sandisk microSDXC cards conform to SD 3.0 so they should work as well.

Now spare me what you believe or think because that means absolutely zilch in a technical context. That's what religions are for.
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