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Only so there's no possibility of misunderstanding. Installing Rockbox will not change the base sound quality of your Fuze. It will extend your options in adjusting the sound but the base sound quality will remain the same. Rockbox is not a magic cure all for any SQ issues you may be having.

If you read the known issues on the AMS port page I linked to you'll see that you lose significant battery life on the V1 Fuze. Check the SansaRuntime page for more information on that.

For legal reasons the Rockbox Utility does not download the firmware. It has directions on how you can do that.

I'll be honest with you. Considering you haven't shown any inclination to look for answers yourself, installing Rockbox is probably a really bad idea in your case. Rockbox is straightforward but it is not intuitive. Until you read the manual at least through The Main Menu, the links I've provided and make sure you understand them I would hold off.
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