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Default Just don't buy a ZEN XFi-2 (or any creative)

Nice product... the XFi-2 is the worst product I have ever wasted my money on

Someone has deleted a post where I talked about it. There are a lot of issues, the player is a crap. But the best has been, that with the last firm, the player frezes/crashes most of the time. It seems that the accelerometer has become crazy, of course it didnt work on games nor rotating pics, the best of all, is with 1.23.01 version of firmware, if i shake the player during startup, then ist crashes, nice.

Ah, with a downgrade to 1.12 it seems that correct the problem. It says a lot about all of it.

The best for me is that this is the last creative I own.
The worst for them, I will buy an IPOD!!. Yes, I know all about them, but they work right.
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Originally Posted by oriol2004 View Post
The best for me is that this is the last creative I own.
The worst for them, I will buy an IPOD!!. Yes, I know all about them, but they work right.
The Zen X-Fi 2 is also the worst mp3 player I have ever reviewed but you know, there are other brands, other models. You don't necessarily have to buy an iPod
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All a matter of opinion I guess, personally the x-fi2 is the best mp4 I've ever used. I don't think I'd ever even think of going to an ipod. I've never had a problem with it that wasn't a fast fix. If you don't like the player then you should take your business elsewhere, it's obvious this forum was made because there are people who enjoy using this mp3 so go discuss the how much you think creative's mp3 suck on an ipod forum.
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As Egghead says, opinions differ.

I agree that the X-Fi2 is not the best player out there, but it IS a decent player able to play music and videos in a way you could've only dreamed just years back. And as for your issues, those are odd. I never encountered any similar issues with my player, it's pretty much always been running fine, despite me messing around developing apps and stuff on it.
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I agree with Habhome. X-Fi2 is not the best player around, but it has a descent price for it features. I truly don't care about apps, that wasn't why I bought it. I truly don't mind about Wi-Fi connection - it is a plus, of course, but not the reason why I'd buy any music/video player. Resistive vs Capacitive? Well, I never had problems with resistive screens, really.

Plus, any company can have fault players sometimes. My sister owned 2 5th gen iPod Nano before she could get one that really worked. The first one, would not hold any charge at all. Its charge would last for 1h at most. Apple gave her another one, which would turn off at random. Then she sent it to Apple again, and her player was again with some fault components. Her 3rd player finally worked well.

Plus, with my X-Fi2 Im able to load music into it every time I visit a friend or whatever: I was the only one who owned an iPod until it wrecked this january. I was happy with it, but it really annoyed me the fact I needed to carry its proprietary cable everywhere and that my mates needed to have iTunes installed.

At last, iPods are really overpriced here. So, if all that I want is sound quality and not to be that vendor locked in, Creative X-Fi2 is perfect, and Apple "s0x".

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if i shake the player during startup, then ist crashes, nice.
I sounds like hardware fail to me, something inside snapped and when shaken battery or some other component loose contact. If i were you, i would rma or demanded money back.
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