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Here is the theme I am using,

I basically just re-colored ambiance bmod and chose a nicer font, i plan on replacing all the images (battery,sound,ffw etc.) with sharper versions when i find the time.
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Still my favorite.....used on both of my Fuzes.
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Identifying my favorite theme shouldn't be too hard (hint: look down)...
Rockbox Themes:
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I worked a bit on my minimalist theme "ThinMod" (based on "Thin" by Drew Vosburg) and posted an update:

Basically it's a theme for people who like huge album art and a minimum set of information.

All interface elements adopt the currently selected foreground color, so it's quite customizable.
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awesome work progweed! gonna load it right now.. thanks!
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Since my eyes have seen better days, I really like this one a lot lately
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heres my theme
like the use of red find it easy on the eyes
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