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Old 09-27-2011, 04:07 PM
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it doesn't make sense. originally the Fuze supported just 4,000 songs, however I seem to remember the switch to 8,000 songs occured before v2 came out, so all firmware versions of the v2 Fuze should support 8,000 songs. which firmware does your player have?

You could try making a copy of the music you put on the card to a separate place on your pc, stripping out all the imbedded album art(easy to do with mp3Tag) then filling the card with it and see what happens.

How many songs are on the card? Did you strip out all the comment fields and try to have the tags as short as possible? Are you sure some of the music wasn't put in the audiobooks or podcasts folders on the player?

Which tags do your songs have? Perhaps extra tags are the problem?

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