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Originally Posted by marriedto51 View Post
When you say "sync trouble" is that the sync between the audio and video? If so, you might well be able to fix it by using avidemux: adjust the "shift:" value under the audio options on the left-hand side.

Another thought is to run the file through mencoder to fix any errors with something like
mencoder -idx input.avi -ovc copy -oac copy -o output.avi
There is a GUI front-end for ffmpeg and mencoder which is available at but I haven't used it myself.
Thanks for the tip, will try it out.

The sync trouble is very peculiar...

Here's a description... have you seem old music videos where a guy put its hand over a old LP and moves its back and forth while it plays.. it's something similar to that, at some portions (never at the beginning, always after half of it), the video jumps ahead a few frames then returns and does it again, while that happens audio plays normal or stops at the jump just for that moment, on longer videos (30 mins+), after that same 'event', video can stop while audio still plays, then video fast forwards where audio is as if it tries to 'catch up' with the audio.

ok, will check your tips, I first try with a 5min music video before trying to do it with a longer video which takes much longer.
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