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Originally Posted by Creativejuan View Post
Saw the upgrade and was so excited because I thought they might finally be giving us something we asked for especially the ability to add task on the go but to my disappointment it was not. I don't even need this stupid update. Sometimes I regret buying this piece of junk with all the problems it gives me to do simple things.
I can feel your pain. The lack of official support for firmware for the player is really beginning to drive me up a wall. I remember how I used to check Creative's site every week for something new firmware-wise to show up, but then I would end up being horribly disappointed when a half a year had gone by with no signs of life on the site other than a few new portables and new firmware for those devices. *sigh*

Honestly, the only reason why I haven't gotten an iPod yet is because they're so expensive, but with the support for the iDevices being continuous it's hard to not waste my hard-earned money on one of their over-priced products (no offense to those who own one, of course^^) when I know support will be there and new firmware will be available every month or so, resolving issues that should be resolved as soon as they are known.

I love Creative's products, but their lack of decent customer support and software support will likely end up being their downfall one day when they realize that people like regular updates for their devices to ensure that they are as functional as they can be.
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