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Lightbulb Found solution for Cowon X7 disconnecting!!!

I knew I would somehow got it to work again.
I have managed to connect several times, and each time it was immediately after I recorded something and then turned off my player (then plug in).
So I received that updating metadata screen at the beginning and after that the player connected!

So here's my suggestion to anyone with the problem.

1. If windows says something like you have unrecognized device in system, go to details of that message and uninstall driver.
2. Restart your computer. (all still with player NOT connected)
3. Set your player on recording, record few seconds of whatever. Stop recording.
4. Turn off your player. Do NOT turn on again!
5. Connect player to PC. The player will start, initialize, update metadata, and then connect.

P.S. Be very careful during connection, even a small movement can disconnect the device, I am almost 100% sure that the usb-to-player connections in these Cowons are bad. The reason your device is not recognized after disconnecting is that it was during a file transfer, or you just didn't use the safe remove hardware option, which damaged the driver or the mother table of files. Somehow, recording a file and updating metadata (probably mother table renews?) enables windows to connect the device again.

I really hope this helps someone. If you find it's not working, please let me know, I am still only hoping it will work, it has so far.

P.S. 2: I started using USB hub, so that my Cowon is not moved at all, I just plug it into the hub and the hub cable into the laptop. This way even when the laptop moves a bit (by typing, clicking), it will not cause any movement to player.

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