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Hey guys,

Sorry I'm late to this forum. But I got my P3 in October 2010 and I love it.

Status: Good, no scratches, no bump, no cracks. In leather slip on case. But I think I may have screwed the battery up (probably not ) since I use it to watch movies every night. But that another problem I will post.

I have an issue with the screen and I don't know if this is a real prob.

Part of my screen feels a bit off. But I don't know if its a dead part.

When viewing lists in the Video menu I can't touch some file names in the middle of the screen. Unless I hit them in the left side, if I hit them in them in the centre right portion of the screen it will select either the top or lower file.

It's really annoying, but not a major problem. At first I was worried this may be the first signs of a dead part of the screen. But if I use the icons in that portion of the screen, like tap it to open up an app, it works smoothly. So I dunno what's going on.
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january 2010. Touch screen stopped working... Bought a Zune instead.

it died in November 2010
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YP-P3 16 gb Black. Perfect condition and working full, no scratches, but touch screen near to die. Looking for replacement part.
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Old 03-02-2011, 09:25 AM
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Mine has a minor scratch, and have dead zones on the screen, almost the entire right end of the screen.Its spreading btw, like a really bad disease.
Bought May 2010
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June '09
Most of the touchscreen is unresponsive (mostly the corners), can't access a lot of things. Still works; stuck on shuffle, but no complaints with that really..
PMPs: Cowon J3, Samsung P3(touchscreen problems), Creative Zen (4GB, black)
Headphones: Panasonic RP-HTX7, Philips, JVC Marshmallow IEMS (why not)
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Leroy Bad
Aug/Sept '09
Fully Functional, never had a single issue.
Current Gear: Cowon J3; iPod Touch 4G; Sony XBA-3; HiFiMan RE-272; Sennheiser HD558; Bose AE2
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jumbjumb jumbjumb is offline
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Brought my...... July '09, in Korea... so two years after service
Had a dead screen once during the two year contract
Got another one, got it repaired for $20 (hahahaah).
Touch screen i think is more responsive than the last touch screen i had.... (weird)
Music is playing nicely, and movies too
Still has the "click" noise after each song (currently have 3189 songs, all are 320k .mp3 except for one .ogg)
my P3 has killed 6 earphones right now, ranging from Sony MDR33-MDR55 (yes they're now the best, but still... )
Currently listening DNSE Cafe, love it, well... depends on what genre ur listening and perfer....
Thinking of buying a new player (Samsung Galaxy S player or Just get a phone Galaxy S 2, becuase i heard the music quality is the "same" (that is false.... i think))
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bought mine for my wife in june of 09 (i claimed it as mine this year since she now uses her android phone as her audio player).

still going strong.

silver, 16GB, no issues at all. no scratches or dents.. battery is just as strong as the day we got it. touch screen is still perfect.
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Same here
March '09 till today
Great condition , use it every day.
32 GB Silver
PMPs: X5 60GB, D2+ 32GB, SM-N9005 32+32GB, Clip+ 16GB
Phones: ATH-ES700, TMA-1, Panasonic HJE-900, Stanton DJ-2000, Hippo VB ...
DigiZoid ZO2
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04/2010 near mint in a pleather flip case.
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August 2010 for me. I get tired of electronics easily so I bought a Cowon j3. I now use it as USB storage.
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

John 3:16
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