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Originally Posted by steinburger1109 View Post
Alright, electron's 100% on spot, I just want to make sure no one misses it.
So, uh, don't do it.
Why, yes! Thank you, Mr. Steinburger

Originally Posted by zacp2 View Post
I'm sure devs will develop a clockworkmod recovery and custom roms. It's an android ipod touch who wouldn't develop on these. They know that a lot of people will buy these. I hope there will be
For the sake of everyone who owns one of these, I really hope so. If I had more time/knowledge, I would totally try to do so myself.

Originally Posted by Sarracen View Post
My bad on the processor naming thing - when I examined the specs of a Galaxy S on there, it specified hummingbird, so I figured that it wasn't the same.

My score on quadrant was 1,048... I can't see it scoring in the 3,000's even if I were to overclock while running. That's quite a leap.

Maybe we are not using the same software? I am running something called "Quadrant standard"
A. Really? I find that quite odd, as my SGS based phone never says hummingbird in quadrant (although I *know* it is).

B. Remember that quadrant scores are easy to play with, but we are using the same benchmark.
Here is why a properly ROM'd SGS can score so high:
  1. The Samsung Galaxy S used the old/slow RFS file system, causing slow read/write speeds and slower performance to the user in general. This can be solved by a Kernel that auto-converts /system, /data, and /cache to ext4. (not yet available on the SGP)
  2. Debloated ROMs usually have better performance, but also remove some (sometimes helpful) default apps.
  3. The kernel samsung uses does not have a very good alogrithem for scaling the CPU up and down. Running a quadrant (or any benchmark) a few times in a row can help solve this.
  4. Tweaks such as loopysmoothness, kick-ass kernel tweaks, and V6 supercharger greatly improve RAM management, leading to overall higher performance. (I might make a post on this later ).
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