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Me too. Three that crashed all the time is very odd. The only thing they had in common was Android, so go figure. I will try again because I really like these products, but all the problems reminded me of Windows 98, though overall I liked that OS.

If Costco or Sam's club sells the 4.0, I would try again. Fry's has a "15/15" return policy on these. 15 days and 15% restocking fee unless defective. That's not enough time to fool around and work out the bugs. Of course, they did not charge me the 15% because the 4.0 I got was a wreck.

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Red face

I had an interesting conversation today with a rep at the cell phone kiosk at the local Costco whom I consider to be fairly knowledgeable. I mentioned my purchase of the Galaxy Player. Her asked if it was Android after I told him it crashed all the time. He seemed to feel that most of these devices, all the Android phones he sells, included, crash regularly or frequently, "depending on what you are doing." His put was that they are all computers, and computers crash. Of course, he acknowledged that the unit I had was defective, but that regular crashes when just goofing around were normal, and that his iPhone he used to have crashed regularly too.

I guess the more we demand from these devices, the less stable they become. I did try searching for something like "Android devices crash all the time," and did not see anything definitive, but the following article noted that, as I understand it, crashes are part of the Android experience.

As I think I noted before, I was in my office at home doing things on the 4.0 and set it down on the desk for a bit. My wife got home, and I picked it up to show her my new acquisition, and it was unresponsive. I was not doing anything outrageous, and I suppose we all acknowledge that this was defective, but that crashed device I tried to show off did not add any brownie points to my purchasing credentials.

Anyway, I will try another later, as I really prefer having one of these (or an iPod) to not having one. Again, though, I do not need a phone, so do not want to spend $50-100 a month on service charges. I just want to buy something cool with lots of features and apps that I can tote along with no monthly fee (and WiFi available for when it is available). OTOH, if I could buy a smartphone and get a cheap pay as you go Internet plan to go with my very affordable T-Mobile prepaid account, I would buy it in a heartbeat, but all cell companies with reliable service, to my knowledge, have nothing to offer consumers like me.

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That's surprising to me...

I've had my device for almost a month now, and it has only crashed once, and it was my fault for not being careful while overclocking.

Maybe the gingerbread update samsung pushed out for the US models isn't as stable as it should be? I'm running froyo still on my korean model and having no problems whatsoever.
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I've noticed since these players have very little side bezel I'm often touching the screen edge with my left (holding) hand when I don't realize it. Something I don't expect will load, or the screen won't respond to other touches. Once I realized this and payed more attention to how I hold it those problems have disappeared.

Something those with problems might check.
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