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I know it's a longer way, but you could do what I do, and that's use puddletag to create my playlists. Once I've transferred my podcasts across to my Clip I open puddletag and quickly edit the ID3 tags, sort the listening order using Ctrl + or Ctrl - (you define your own key-presses, this is what I like). It's good becuase invariably, there are always some podcasters who forget to complete the ID3 tags, and then I like to choose the order of play, and then press Ctrl-1 to kick off the track numbering wizard that I've set up and then hit Ctrl-2 to create and save the playlist, before I hit the road. It seems a lot, but the whole process takes maybe two minutes max, for around 20 podcasts. Puddletag is awesome for podcast listeners, because I often find that I would prefer to listen to a new cast first and still keep the older ones, for a later listen. I can help you with a great set up if you wish.

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