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Default Unfinished strategy game: Zen tactics

Hi, everybody

(I'm frisian btw, my grammar could be a little bit off)
I spent about 100 hours on this game. I'm pretty much a rookie when it comes to scripting applications. I shouldn't have bought this mp3 player in the first place. The only good points were the video quality and the unique sound. But, it did bring out my passion for programming. That's how I ended up here.

This will be a strategy game called ZEN tactics. I believe someone else was working on a similar game too. Download the file if you like and please tell me how I could improve the layout, animation or mechanics.

BETA (done, in progress, not started)
menu animation
map creator
saving / loading
tile engine
turn loop
-player profile and obtaining resources

unit selection
action selection



enemy AI

player settings
map settings
balance adjustments
improved layout/animation (a beach?)
filedata validity check

BUGS (found, solved)
map creator: sometimes a village in the sea
unit selection: ghost boundaries

Game mechanics:
- This is a turn-based fighting strategy game (some inspiration from fire emblem series)
- You control the units (workers, infantry, cavalry and artillery) and manage resources (grain, livesstock and wood)
- workers can immediately be used for all resources, but require armor to become an attack unit. (That keeps it nice and simple).
- villages, cities, and capital get new workers every turn depending on how many there are in town (well, baby factories)
- disarming attack units or degrading towns or fields, (till you have a wild tile) gets you half your resources back
There is a balance system:
- There is a certain maximum of new workers every turn in a town. (like a germ population)
- The amount of workers on field and the amount of resources obtained is not lineair. more space is required for population.
- On, for example, a grain field, there can be no more than 50 units, meaning you have to balance workers with attack units or leave 100 attack units on a adjacent wild tile. This will create diversity among your ground use.
- "loyalty" greatly determines your resources each turn. grain below 0 or workers that die in battle (when no attacking units were there to help them; do you care for helpless people massacres?) diminishes loyalty, but when there is enough resources and great victories were won in battle, loyalty increases. It is presented in %, and once it reaches below 50, more and more "tiles" will claim independency.
- you can make friends with neutral players by protecting them or trading, but make enemies by stealing or attacking from them.
- the enemy has all these attributes to!! This means that you can destroy the cities with artillery, or just wait till they claim independency.
- There is an attack effectivity triangle between infantry, cavalry and artillery, but workers get the most punishment of all.
- You get points from building fields or towns and killing enemy units
enemy AI:
- They have certain priority list of tasks set by the balance of workers/units
- to much to tell about it actually.
I downloaded many apps here. To all devs, thank you.
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