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For some reason the WM-Port connector only seems to be on the Sonys that support .mp4 video codec. If you planning on watching video you're pretty much restricted to the Sony transfer software or WMP 12 to encode your videos. The other use is for Sony docks to have full functionality. If you have one any sync or remote control functions need the WM-Port to work.

The Sony software is limited in the formats it works with and WMP is likely to double the size of a video during conversion. Windows Media Encoder 9 or Expressions can also work but can be tricky to set up and also have very limited codec support.

It's fairly easy to create a working video mp4 though. I use a Zune preset on a free video encoder. I played around with WinFF and a couple of iPod encoders and it wasn't hard to find a working preset. Being front ends for FFmpeg they handled any codec I tried.

That's all just a long winded way of saying if video playback isn't an priority I can't see any advantage to the WM-Port. The dock use is also pretty much a non-issue unless you have one or think you may get one in the future.

That said the cables themselves are dead cheap on Amazon. I picked up a couple of authentic Sony backups for $4 each when I ordered some other things and took advantage of the free shipping. They won't do me any good if I leave them at home and need a charge but I keep an extra in my everyday travel pack and haven't had a problem so far.
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