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Default Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 and screen magnification

Hello all - I am looking at the Player 5.0 - not for a music player but more as a small tablet. One of the things that I want to be able to do is use it as an ebook reader. I know that there are many apps for this. What I am wondering is can the page size be increased (text and whatever is on the page magnified) the way that a webpage on the Internet app can? As my eyes get older, text needs to get bigger.

I have been able to play with one at Best Buy but there are no books loaded to see how it operates as an ereader.

I have been comparing this for purchase with the Vizio 8" tablet, but the build quality on the Samsung is so much better.

ALSO - when Ice Cream becomes available, is it likely that the Player will get the update?

Thanks for any help.
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The Kindle app has settings to control font size, so you can make the font very large and readable (well, at least about 14 point size). You don't need to pinch or zoom and it will keep the material in a single column that takes up the width of the display in either portrait or landscape mode. You can also choose brightness and whether you want the print to be black print on a white background or white on a black background (night mode). I haven't tried Nook or Google reader apps yet but Kindle works well. I use a mild reading glass prescription and can read the Kindle app without using reading glasses, even without making the font the largest size.

I'm not sure about ICS. We'll have to wait and see. Some devices aren't scheduled to get it into well into next year and not all devices have been announced yet.
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If your main purpose is for e-books, size matters. Go with the Kindle Fire or Nook Color instead.
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I'm using the "books" app and have not found size to be a problem. You can adjust the size from the setting menu to make it as large or small as you desire. Makes for great reading without weight being a problem. I love it.
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used both the kindle and B&N app today; they both worked very well, I liked the text configurations on the Kindle, especially the font size adjustments as well as being able to switch to a black screen with white letters.
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