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Originally Posted by thelonely View Post
I just put my hands on both versions in full modes, and i must admit both are amazing, and regardless what i said earlier, im changing to Power Amp, it's better in everything except GUI...

Galaxyfaraway, If it is not bad seen in this forum i can link you all to both free full versions? then you can test both (PowerAmp 2.0 install unlocker first, app next) (PlayerPro 2.12 full, Widgets and DSL pack from Android Market are compatible)
Thanks for the links.

I finally solved the problem of "finding" my music in PowerAmp. I went into settings and checked off all options for seeking music, then did a re-scan for music files. It seems to have found all of them, plus other sound files. I'm going to have to figure out how to get the sound files that aren't music out of the queue now (like the chiming and beeps from my GPS). I think I prefer PowerAmp mostly for its very comprehensive EQ, including the preamp. Although PlayerPro does have advantages, too (it found my music easier this time, without having to do a rescan or getting sound files that aren't music).
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