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Hey buddy. I am new to Walkman. I researched for days, and I do not know what mp3 player to buy. (there are just so many) I was always a fan of Sony, but I never try out their mp3 player before. I was leaning toward S545 because it had speakers but then I find out that that was like 2 years ago, and I want something that is more updated. So I tried to aim for the A845; it was probably one of the best looking Walkman out there, and the video is superb, but I've heard the sound is kind of weak, and it is also expensive and never come out in the U.S. So then I read about the E354, and it seems good and slick, but the only lacking was the voice recording and they came out with a more updated mp3 player which is the e465.. This one has lyrics capabilities, voice recorder, bookmark songs etcs.. The battery life is 50 hours and honestly I was about to purchase it, but there are too many Walkman. Which one you think it's best for me? I researched the walkman S545 for days, but the only problem is that it reminds me of my old cellphone, and I don't like that lol. I can get that mp3 player for 50 bucks, but I'm leaning more towards E465 because it has more features. Out of all the walkman I listed the E465 doesn't look as sharp as the others, but I'm willing to sacrifice for a good all around mp3 player..
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