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Default Apps that work?

My 1st post here, hope to pick up a 5.0 at BB on sale this Friday. I hope to move to it from my Optimus-V (its screen is too small for these old eyes). Seems that this "mini"-tablet, and a cheap pay as you go phone would be an ideal combo to carry around. I am very happy with many apps on my phone, and just wanted to be sure they worked on this "player".

GrooveIP (for phone calls)
Go Launcher (in case I don't like default one)
Boat Browser (I like this browser)
Google Voice (for SMS, and working with GrooveIP)
K9 Mail
Multi Purpose Live WP

If these all work, I know all my other fav's will work, but these are essential. Thanks for any helpful feedback!
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All of those apps are compatible with the Galaxy player, though I'm not sure what you're refering to with the last one (never heard of it). I haven't been able to get GrooveIP to work consistently, though, especially after the Gingerbread update. I haven't tried it lately. Some people on other forums say they have no problems using it on the player, so perhaps it depends on your ISP, network set-up, etc. as to how well it works.
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Thanks! I stopped by BB to look at one and was amazed at the quality and screen size. Definately getting one on Friday (if I can hold out that long). It's about 10 steps up from my Optimus-V (and only 1 step down because it's not a real phone).

Multi Picture Live Wallpaper is a Wallpaper that lets you put a different image on each screen, I'm sure it will work on SGP. I was most concerned about GrooveIP, on wifi it's never an issue, and that's all I need it for.
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