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Originally Posted by saratoga View Post
The 3.9 branch hasn't been touched in months (we've already branched 3.10 at this point), so its somewhere around r30000 or so. Are you really using the old 3.9 branch, or is that based off of current SVN?
No, you read it correctly. I didn't have any plans on updating the build anymore, but a user requested a patch be added.
The build is based off of the v3.9 branch (/rockbox/branches/v3_9).

I'm aware that you've branched for v3.10 and are preparing for a release, but there have been so many changes since v3.9 and so many bugs (Yes, I realize all the blockers have been fixed) , I'm hesitant to release a build based off of v3.10.

If I ever release a new build, it will be based off of the current SVN or stable branch at the time.
Though, I don't see anything wrong with using v3.9 (it's *supposed* to be stable)
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