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Default A MTP manager?

Hi there,
Nautilus and rhythmbox on gnome has a weak support then I decided to develop my own manager with gui. It will be make easier to send songs, albums, covers, playlists. But I see current libmtp api is not very useful.
I ask for experienced developer for libmtp. I need to find a way to list files in a folder without crash my YP-P2
I currently implemented device selector and a folder lister, but things going slow. Because it is first time I use libmtp and Qt.
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It's a great idea to create a MTP manager for Linux! Usable MTP tools are clearly missing. I do the same and it's fun.

I think that the best programmers on this forum are surely creating Lua games for the Creative Zen X-Fi2. So I may be the only one here programming with libmtp to try to help you.

I disagree with you by thinking that the libmtp documentation is really good. The official libmtp documentation provides great examples of code to learn how to use the library.
Look for the html page: libmtp-1.0.x/doc/html/examples.html.
The example sources reveal the magic.

About your present issue:
Be aware that MTP folders IDs are also part of file attributes. Study the LIBMTP_file_struct and you will see that each file has a parent_id field. That's its parent folder identification.
So once you know that the folder you want to explore has this property for example: folder_id = 1540, you just have to query for the file list (LIBMTP_Get_Filelisting_With_Callback) and filter files with the attribute parent_id = 1540 to get files from this folder.

Have fun.
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Any chance to get a feedback from your development fllaim ?
I'm pretty interested in a mtp support for my Debian
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