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Default Should I get refurbished s545?

Hi, I'm new here and I can see there is a great comunity on this forums, I found a cheap s545 but the seller claims that it was refurbished by sony and that it is good as new. It is the only time I've seen this walkman in Mexico but I don't know if it is a good idea to buy it refurbished. Can ayone give some advice or experiences with refurbished products? Thanks in advance
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Just about every "new" mp3 player I have purchased has been refurbished. All still work years later.
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I bought a refurbished one directly from sony a few months ago for $50 when I found it on slickdeals. Still works fine.
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Most DAPs I have are refurbs. As far as I'm concerned manufacturers refurbs are one of the best deals in DAPs.

Thing of it is I bought them from vendors I had investigated and they all had good track records and clearly defined return policies. If this is a private party it wouldn't be out of line in my book to ask to see the receipt from Sony that states it's their refurb. If there's any doubt in your mind as to the authenticity of the item being a Sony factory refurb or the trustworthiness of the vendor, I'd pass.
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I have a Cowon D2 I bought in 2007, still working and the player I listen to the most. Refurb.

I have a Sansa Fuze 8GB, it has been retired, but it still works. Used to use for working out, bought it in 2008. Refurb

I have a Sansa Clip + 2GB that I bought for traveling in 2010. Use it for working out now. Refurb

Found a great deal on a Sony S545 16GB on Amazon for under $60. I really like it for video and it also has good sound quality. Refurb

The las DAP in purchased is the Creative Zen X-Fi, 8 GB model, mainly to use for traveling. Refurb.

Also these MP3 player/DAPs are in perfect working order and I usually paid half the retail price.
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I got a refurbished S545 on Amazon last year and I love it...came with a 12 month SONY warranty, so it said. I had some trouble figuring out how to set it up (got all the answers here), but the unit itself has been great.
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I bought a "refurb" two days works great. There is an onboard owners and setup can also get info at the Sony website.
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