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Unhappy Exact same problem as tcat

Originally Posted by tcat View Post
I have not been able to get my SGP5 to charge over 90%. I got it to 90% through the USB cable (but stops there), but if I use the wall it's "says" charging, but doesn't budge past 80%. I've had it plugged in for 4 hours, was 80% 4 hours ago, still at 80%. I've had it down to zero once, down to 10% once, so it's had a couple tries to hit 100%. Anyone else have this issue?

I've got it all "loaded up", so don't really want to send it back. Can't believe I can't do a battery pull to maybe help reset things... Doesn't drain any faster than normal, and lasts a good 2 hours at 80% before dropping to 75%. Any widgets that will show 1% increments? I've tried a couple, but they all seem to jump by 5's.
I recently purchased two SGP 5.0 (one for me and one for the wife) and still can't get past the 80% charging status indicator... been plugged into the wall charger for more than 5 hrs and the battery indicator still shows the "charging" status and stays at 80% the entire time, i have turned off wifi, gps and also removed our animated wallpapers, brightness to it's lowest and still the same results.

...what do you guys suggest i do? all i want is to see a fully charged battery at 100% for peace of mind and to know i don't have a defective unit.

Any help/advice is much appreciated, thanks in advance.
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