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Default Rockbox: reset eq settings to default?

So I installed Rockbox and (of course) immediately started fooling around with the settings without knowing what I was doing. Is there a way to reset the parametric equalizer settings to the "factory" defaults?

PS. What is a Roaming Thread?
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Manage settings is in the main menu, here you can manage .cfg files and also reset settings, which wipes the saved settings in the player and resets all settings to their default values.

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What I usually do after I've been messing with the EQ (if I'm not happy with what I've done) is just plug the usb cable in and delete all references to the EQ in the X:\.rockbox\config.cfg file.
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I write .cfg EQ files to suite different phones etc and save them as presets and load as needed.
I also have a flat setting preset. [with a little precut added]
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So you delete all lines beginning with
eq ?

I am asking since I did so, restartet my FUZE and I still got this messy metallic sound in my audiobook
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The Default equalizer setting zeroes all the equalizer settings. Turning off the equalizer by changing the Enable Equalizer setting to No in the Sound settings will have the same effect.
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