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Default I love my fuze don't let it die!!

I had my fuze for a couple of months when it froze on me now I get this message "not enough space for db please free space, but I never got to fill it .. my question is how do I reset to factory stting it won't even stay on .
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Welcome to ABi

Sorry to hear of your problems but if you can get it connected to a PC you should be able to fix things. The cause is usually problems with the file system that cause the drive to report it's size incorrectly. Fixing that should solve your problem.

The simplest way I know is to view it in Windows Explorer then right click the drive and format it. If it connecting as a player you should be able to force a MSC connection by holding the center button on the wheel as you connect the cable.

You *may* be able fix any file corruption in the Tools menu under Properties in windows Explorer. I've had less success with that and wound up having to format it most times anyway.
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Skip252, I should add that the power switch needs to be on "Hold" while you press the center button and connect. Otherwise the Fuze will just ignore you while connecting.
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